Forty years after their first OE, couple Jim and Karen have decided it’s time for round two. This one will involve canal boating in the UK and navigating European roads in a motorhome. Before you sink your teeth into all their adventures, find out how it all began. 

How the heck did we get talked into doing this?

“Write a travel blog,” they suggested. Don’t they realise I write the way I talk and think? Well, all I can say is I will try and make it interesting, try and make it real and if you are relatively normal like me then you might enjoy it … 

How it all began

Lets go back forty years. Karen and I did our first OE as a couple of 20 year olds. Think 1979, a Kombi van and close to three years on the other side of the world. The term “freedom camper” wasn’t invented yet but there were a lot of us on the roads in Europe then. I guess their kids are now paying us back.

Fast forward 40+ years and here we are again, looking to head back over for round two.

Following kids, mortgages and careers, we planned for over 20 years to head back for another OE. We will still have a budget, the Kombi will be traded up for a much better mobile home and this time (because we are now responsible adults) it will come complete with all the facilities. 

I did initially suggest we look at a Kombi again. However, I have to say the suggestion was met with one of those looks that say “don’t be so stupid, you have to be kidding, not on your nelly” and a few other choice phrases all wrapped up in one. Anyone reading this who is married will know that look at some time or other.

As I said, for over twenty years Karen and I have looked to go back for a year or two and we have planned accordingly. A small portion of Karen’s wages for over twenty years has gone into a special account specifically earmarked for this trip. We did postpone the trip when we were in our mid 50’s to wait until we turned 60. Then when we turned 60, I got involved in a boy’s trip from London to Mongolia, so we postponed it again. But now it’s all on and in two weeks’ time we head off.

So what can you expect to read about in this blog?

I hope over time we can give you an interesting, entertaining and informative account on what we get up to on our second OE.

More importantly I hope we can show that you can see this part of the world and how to enjoy it affordably.  We definitely have a budget and the further we make it go, the more we will be able to do. This will not be a trip based on fine dinning and hotel type accomodation. Instead, think more pubs with the odd beer and some interesting twists and turns.

Heading off for 12-18 months takes a bit of planning, but the house is rented and the bags almost packed. The hardest part will be leaving our new grandson behind. We weren’t involved in that planning so thank god for Skype. Forty years ago we had to use the old aerograms to stay in touch and I think I ever only rang home once the whole time I was away – how times have changed.

Now we can blog and post on Instagram so you can follow along and Skype our grandson so he remembers us – hopefully.

14 thoughts on “40 Years on … Take 2

  1. Phil & Bev says:

    Nothing like a well executed plan. Have a blast & travel safe you two!! We will miss you but look forward to the travel blog updates! Xxx

  2. Lynley Millar says:

    Sounds amazing, have a wonderful trip Karen and Jim. Will enjoy reading your blog , lots of great times we had there in the 80s!!

  3. Paul Hedwig says:

    I think you should reconsider the combi mate……she’ll learn to love it!
    Looking forward to your blog and catching up hopefully in England mid Julyish
    Travel safe my friends.

  4. Greg & Corina Powell says:

    Safe travels Jim & Karen, look forward to following you during this amazing journey, we will be in Europe next year so may be able to catch up somewhere…….

  5. Brian Coffey says:

    I’d love to follow your blog – I have not really done this before so I’m a little unsure how to actually do this? do I just click onto this page at the World Travellers site? Safe travels. Brian

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