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From Jordan to Gibraltar

From Jordan to Gibraltar World Travellers Riccarton

After avoiding the European winter for as long as possible, it’s finally time for Jim and Karen to head back to the UK to pick up their campervan. However, not before they have a few more exciting adventures …  The last three weeks or so seem to have flown by since leaving Egypt. From Cairo […]

Travel Tips for Egypt: The Land of the Pharaoh

Egypt travel tips World Travellers Riccarton

The bucket list destination of Egypt was the next pit stop on Jim and Karen’s adventure. Still trying to escape the European winter, they soak up the warm weather in the low season and avoid the worst of the crowds. Here Jim shares some travel tips and handy hints on how to make the most […]

Visiting Petra: A Lost World Rediscovered

Visiting Petra World Travellers Riccarton

Following on from their exploration of Jerusalem, Jim and Karen continue to Jordan, where visiting Petra, the ancient city carved into rock, proved to be a truly incredible experience.  Petra – the name of a city that has intrigued me for years. Visiting Petra was one of the must-do “big rocks” in our travel plan. […]

Visiting Jerusalem, the Holy City

Jerusalem World Travellers Riccarton

From the windy far north of Europe to the sunshine of Hawaii and now the spiritual centre of the Middle East, Jim and Karen have covered a lot of ground on their travels to date. In his latest blog post, Jim recounts the incredible experience of visiting Jerusalem.  A highlight and must do for us […]

Aloha! Cruising in Hawaii

Cruising in Hawaii World Travellers Riccarton

Jim and Karen’s adventures have taken them to the far north of Europe and a winter Christmas in London. Finally they get a much-needed dose of vitamin D in the sunnier climes of the Pacific Ocean while cruising in Hawaii. Finally we get some sun and some warmth! If you have been following our travels you […]

Christmas in London

Christmas in London World Travellers Riccarton

Christmas in London is unsurprisingly very different to Christmas here in New Zealand. But Jim found that the colder weather brings with it a real Christmas spirit that you can only find in this part of the world. Read on to find out more about how he and Karen spent the festive season in the […]

Pet Sitting in the UK

Pet sitting in the UK World Travellers Riccarton

Boy I sure got that wrong…The last sentence written on my last blog said “Go the All Blacks, next time you hear from me we should be world champions again.” It all seems such a long time ago now and unfortunately I got that statement really wrong – more’s the pity. It was, however, an interesting […]

The Netherlands and Luxembourg in a Motor Home

Motorhome travel in the Netherlands World Travellers Riccarton

If you’ve been following Jim and Karen’s travels to date, you’ll know they’ve been canal boating and motorhoming their way through the UK and parts of Scandinavia and Europe. As the part of their trip with Mike and Sandy comes to an end, they embark on an adventure through the Netherlands and Luxembourg on their […]

Travelling with friends of 40 odd years

On their journey through Scandinavia, Jim and Karen are reunited with old friends Mike and Sandy, the owners of World Travellers Riccarton. Read about all the amazing adventures they got up to in Sweden and Denmark in their motorhomes Lote and Molly.  When Karen and I first decided to relive our OE of 40 years […]

Travelling in Norway: A paradise on earth

Travelling in Norway World Traveller Riccarton

Jim and Karen make their way down from the top of the world through Scandinavia. Travelling in Norway they discover marvellous feats of engineering, spectacular fjords, wonderful facilities and roads that are a dream to drive on. Plus, they find out all about the oil industry and tourism trends in this northerly part of the […]

Journey to Finland and Norway – the top of the world

Travel to Finland and Norway - the top of the world

Having made their way through the UK and the Baltics, Jim and Karen progress into Scandinavia, and find it to be a fascinating place.  Having travelled through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, we were looking forward to the ferry journey from Tallinn to Helsinki. As expected, it was smooth and uneventful. I was ready to step ashore […]

East meets west in the Baltic

Jim and Karen continue their European motorhome adventures and travel around the Baltics, uncovering parts of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia en route to Finland.  For the last two weeks or so we have been travelling through some of the Baltic states of Eastern Europe as we make our way to Finland. Travelling through this area in […]