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From Jordan to Gibraltar

From Jordan to Gibraltar World Travellers Riccarton

After avoiding the European winter for as long as possible, it’s finally time for Jim and Karen to head back to the UK to pick up their campervan. However, not before they have a few more exciting adventures …  The last three weeks or so seem to have flown by since leaving Egypt. From Cairo […]

Visiting Petra: A Lost World Rediscovered

Visiting Petra World Travellers Riccarton

Following on from their exploration of Jerusalem, Jim and Karen continue to Jordan, where visiting Petra, the ancient city carved into rock, proved to be a truly incredible experience.  Petra – the name of a city that has intrigued me for years. Visiting Petra was one of the must-do “big rocks” in our travel plan. […]

Visiting Jerusalem, the Holy City

Jerusalem World Travellers Riccarton

From the windy far north of Europe to the sunshine of Hawaii and now the spiritual centre of the Middle East, Jim and Karen have covered a lot of ground on their travels to date. In his latest blog post, Jim recounts the incredible experience of visiting Jerusalem.  A highlight and must do for us […]